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1. Will buying a number from Barritel affect my normal phone number?
No, your normal phone number will continue to work as before.
2. Some of the standard numbers appear to be free, is that right?
Yes, some of them are. Assuming (for example) you order a standard 0845 number and terminate it at a UK landline, you won't pay a penny
3. Can I route to a mobile?
Yes you can, although there is a one-off setup fee and a monthly charge for this feature. Once they're paid, the monthly fees call costs depend on your network and our Mobile Rates section shows the various tariffs.
4. What about international mobiles?
If you want to send calls to an international mobile you'll need our International Routing Feature. If you just want to take your UK mobile abroad, you'll need our Mobile Routing feature and your mobile operator will charge you for the international "leg" of the calls - ask them for details.
5. Can I terminate calls at a VoIP number?
Yes you can, although there may be a one-off set up fee of £9.95 + vat and a £2.50 + vat monthly charge for each number you wish to send to VoIP, depending on the type of VoIP number you wish to use.
6. Once I've bought my number, how do I get calls on it?
As part of the process of buying your number, you will be asked to provide a 'terminating number' - for example, you could specify your main office number. All calls to the number you've bought will then be routed to this number. More advanced routing options are also available if you need them.
7. Is there a minimum contract length? How do I cancel my number?
You are free to use Barritel numbers for as long as you wish once they are set up. If you no longer need any of our numbers, the cancellation policy is extremely straightforward. Email us at accounts@barritel.com from the address on your account and we'll switch it off for you. It will remain out of circulation for 3 months and then we reserve the right to recycle it back into availability
8. How quickly can my number be working?
Within minutes in most cases (or within 24 working hours for mobile routing), although some number types may require supporting documentation.
9. Can I change my destination number online?
Yes. Our online control panel allows you to change where your numbers point and the system updates in real time. This service is free of charge.
10. What type of numbers can I terminate calls at?
There are few restrictions, but there may be cost implications. You'll need to contact us on 0845 475 8802.
11. How do I become a Partner?
A payment of £99 will confer Partner status and allow you to get discounts and revenue accordingly. Our partner section will enable you to purchase a partner package.
12. I don't understand the total shown in the cart?
If monthly fees are involved we charge a pro-rata amount for the remainder of the current month, and then the full monthly fee for the following month. The same also applies if you have selected a Low Usage tariff. The setup fee is then added to this total.
13. How do I get paid my generated revenue?
Barritel will pay out revenue earned, 45 days in arrears. Once you have more than £10 available to transfer we will commence sending the funds directly to your bank via the BACS system.
14. I have a directory, can Barritel provide a solution?
Yes we can. We are the supplier of choice for many directories, with free online tracking and number management. You can even let your clients control their numbers via your own branded control area! Call us on 0845 475 8802 for more information.
15. What is a route plan?
A route plan allows you to specify numbers that a call can be diverted to if the call is not answered within a certain time span. An example would be if you wanted an incoming call to be diverted from the boss to his PA if he decides not to answer within 10 seconds.
16. What type of announcements are there?
There are three types.
1) Pre-Connect - The caller hears a message before we connect the call.
2) Post-Connect - The caller hears a message after we connect the call.
3) Recipient - The call recipient hears an announcement when they answer the call, while the caller continues to hear a ringing tone.
17. Do I need Caller ID to be enabled to use the DNI feature?
Yes you do.
19. When are peak times?
8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday.
20. Do you have a question that isn't shown here?
Send us an email at faq@barritel.com. and we'll add it to this section, if appropriate.
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