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We provide a huge range of telephone numbers to business users, including 0333 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0800 numbers and local numbers such as 01276 (Camberley), 0161 (Manchester), 020 (London) and more.

Barritel benefits:

  • Friendly UK-based support and customer services team
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Competitive call packages and call costs
  • Over 20 years of telecom industry experience

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  • 0333
    Customers can call you free using their mobile & landline bundled minutes
  • 0800
    One of the most recognised free to call numbers from mobiles & landlines
  • 01/02
    Local Numbers
    Give that local feel, whilst still being based somewhere else in the UK
  • All other
    For all of the other business numbers we offer, that you can't see here

When you have chosen your number(s), simply log in and you can choose from these additional services.

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Select your prefix, then enter the remaining digits and pick from the available numbers listed.

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Welcome to Barritel...

Barritel specialise in providing telephone numbers to business users. We can provide a huge range of free phone numbers, including local rate numbers, freephone numbers, national rate numbers and premium rate numbers. Our UK-based support team are on hand to help you find the best solution for your business and you will be provided with a dedicated account manager, meaning we provide not just the phone numbers themselves but also the help and support needed to deploy them correctly. You will experience minimum fuss and you will not need to change anything about your existing landline either. Order your non-geographic phone number from Barritel today.

Money saving smartphone apps

Our Wizard Apps brand has a range of smartphone apps all designed to save you money. Available on iPhone and Android, download them by visiting www.wizardapps.co.uk.

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Business Numbers...

We have a wide selection of business numbers, ranging from completely free numbers that earn you money when people call, to desirable freephone numbers that cost just a few pounds a month.

A good phone number can be the difference between a call and not, between business and none. Get a free business number and watch your business boom.


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